Mark Zacher on territorial integrity

I mentioned Mark Zacher’s article on the norm of territorial integrity in class tonight.  You can access a copy here via the Vic library’s subscription to the journal International Organization.  You can find more of Zacher’s work (including papers dealing with the challenges of addressing environmental and public health issues) using Google Scholar.  (We’ll look at GS and some of these databases and resources in class next week.) The Zacher argument has been picked up by a lot of scholars and considered in the context of recent civil wars (including both about secessionist and non-secessionist).  One example is Miki Fabry’s paper on how the territorial integrity norm fared in the war in the former Yugoslavia in the 1990s.  Finally, as promised, I have also upgraded you all to ‘editor’ status on the blog, which means you can (among other things) approve your own comments. Hopefully this means things will get up more quickly and provoke a response from others.  If you get time to read the Zacher piece, let me know what you think.


One comment on “Mark Zacher on territorial integrity

  1. sengad says:

    Hi David,
    Zacher’s article is very interesting indeed and explains very well the norm of territorial integrity and its benefits, most notably how it provides a sense of order and stability (which again puts into question the anarchic nature of the international realm). Given the emergence of the competing concepts of self-determination and territorial integrity during the 20th century I can’t help but wonder what role the enforcement of the latter and the idea of the former played in the various civil wars and domestic chaotic situations that affected/affect non-democratic states.
    Also I am surprised that Zacher doesn’t mention the annexation of Tibet by China in 1950 as a territorial war (or is it not considered as one?).


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