Dead and/or dying…


If a “good” IR theory is parsimonious then realism is dead.

Why not, as Legro and Moravcsik suggest in the Correspondence piece, “dispense with such paradigmatic labels altogether,” and shift the conversation if not the very language we use to talk about IR theory to something more universal and approachable – rationalist versus sociological as they posit.

If we spend half a debate defining the terminology what are we really debating but semantics.


2 comments on “Dead and/or dying…

  1. adslater says:

    Hear hear!

    As Rosenau taunts, “Ontologies are not arbitrary constructions; they are the specification of the common sense of an epoch.”

    Perhaps this epoch has lost some of its common sense… like an eccentric cartographer.

    ps – I like the whale.

  2. frassminggi says:

    I think realism itself still alive likewise society in general is governed by objective laws that have their roots in human nature as Morgenthau said, but what is the definition of objective laws? Idealist will say objective laws must be from democratic values that bring peace. The realist might reply where does legitimacy come from? By power right? Idealist will say power politics in all their forms and manifestations are historically obsolescent. As Ryan said, in the end, it’s all about semantics.

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