Other People’s War

This is not a regular post to start a discussion, but it mgiht add value to other ones or even trigger a new discussion. But to that I would like to recommend you all to go to BATS Theater next week and watch and enjoy “Other people’s war”.

It is a great play based on Nicky Hager’s book about New Zealand’s role in Afghanistan, Iraq and the War on terror.

It reveals quite interesting details on New Zealand’s involvement in the above mentioned issues. The majority of the information were quite new to me and will maybe be of your interest as well. Of course, this play (unfortunately) shows only one perception of what happened. It depicts very well the cruelty of war and the limited access the public has to information as well as the big influence that other countries’ interests have on NZ foreign policy-making. However, seen from my point of view, it does not take into account the brutal and inhuman regime of the Taliban, which is one of my major criticisms of the play. I am interested in your opinions on that!
If anyone is keen on watching it, you have the chance until next Saturday. More infos and ticket booking (show was sold out on Friday): http://bats.co.nz/shows/other-peoples-wars/


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