USA and China

Just a short up-date after yesteray’s discussion about China and the USA.  I received a newspaper article that China and Russia launched naval drills in the Yellow Sea last week. Interestingly, the States and the Philippines started their own naval drills some days before that.

ABC news concluded the following: … “Formerly Cold War rivals for leadership of the communist world, China and Russia have since found common ground in countering liberal democratizing trends across Asia and Eastern Europe and frequently vote against Western initiatives in the United Nations Security Council.

Most recently, they have united to block any U.N. actions on Syrian violence that could lead to some form of humanitarian intervention, a prospect both nations abhor.”


I think that supports the discussion we had yesterday. There might be still more “Realism” left in world politics than we assumed. Could that naval exercises be another proof why it might be very unlikely that we see China and the States co-operate and think about absolute gains? To me this seems to be much or a struggle for power and (again) oil amongst other natural resources which are assumed to be under the Yellow sea. Even the neo-liberal assumption that institutions support the cooperation between states and assist states to overcome fears of cheating does not seem to be true for this case of China and the States as China’s behaviour in the UN Security Council shows.


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